Almost five centuries have elapsed since the foundations were laid which led to the development of the Quarter Horse as we know him today. The British colonists who settled along the eastern seaboard of America in the early 1600s brought their passion for horse racing along with them to their new home. In the heavily forested new world cleared land was hard won and desperately needed for food production; making it much too precious to be put aside for racetracks. The resourceful colonists developed a different type of racing horse to utilise whatever small areas of ground were available. These were sometimes village streets or a couple of narrow paths carved out of the forest, on which two horses could be matched. The distances rarely exceeded a quarter of a mile. Initially using whatever bloodlines happened to be available and by breeding the fastest to the fastest, the colonists created a specialist short distance sprinter. The ongoing selection for pure short speed resulted in the development of a horse with a unique type. His conformation, combined with a co-operative disposition and sharp intelligence, also allowed the colonial sprinter to be used for many purposes by those practical early settlers who had no room in their harsh existence for a single purpose animal. The speed and all-round usefulness of this horse enabled him to persist as a recognisable type through centuries of hardship, turbulence and change, and in times of peace and war. He survived for hundreds of years without the support of any breed society or registry until 1940 when he was officially recognised as a special breed and given his own studbook. As a tribute to the original reason for his very existence, this modern day descendant of the old colonial quarter mile running horse now had a name - the Quarter Horse.
Historically, the Quarter Horse has been rightly regarded as a truly versatile breed. In recent times a trend has emerged within the industry of producing specialist horses for single events. Here at Crown M Stud we're happy to leave this practice to others as we pursue the traditional challenge of producing a sound, versatile, 'doing' type of Quarter Horse with speed, agility and common sense. We want our horses to appeal to the widest range of Australian horsemen and women. Our breeding program was founded on the bloodlines of some of the most successful sprinting Quarter Horses originally imported into this country. For decades, members of these families have successfully proven themselves under a variety of Australian conditions. The speed in these horses has enabled them to perform with distinction on the racetracks, as timed event horses in the rodeo and sporting arenas and on the polocrosse field. Their switched on minds and cool dispositions, along with their cow sense, have long given them an edge in stock work while their functional conformation ensures that they will stand up to hard work. Into this solid foundation, we are now infusing the blood of some of the modern American sprinting greats. We will also continue to use Thoroughbred blood from race winning mares, who are of suitable type and disposition, to carry on the tradition of producing that most versatile animal - the true Quarter Horse.
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